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95 W124 brake problem - front caliper not "floating"


I am in the middle of replacing the front and rear rotors/pads/calipers on my 1995 E300d. The car has 122K miles so I figured rotors/pads were due. I pulled the rear wheels and the calipers were quite rusty so I decided to replace those as well.

We started the brake job with the right front rotor/pads. We pulled out the pads, removed the caliper and rotor. When reassembling the caliper we noticed that the lower bolt with the rubber boot on it did not "float" like the top bolt. We also noticed uneven wear on the pads. Pulling back the rubber boot on the top floating bolt we found that everything was in nice condition and greased. Under the boot on the lower bolt there was no grease and corrosion was present. At that point I decided that it would be a good idea to just get new calipers to be done with it.

The calipers arrived today and I found that the bolt assembly I need to replace was not included. Apparently there is a bracket and the caliper bolts to that.

Does anyone have parts diagrams...I think that this assembly will be a dealer part? Anyone ever run into this is that floating bolt attached....can it be replaced by itself....what is the part number. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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