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sorry you took offence at my calling dealerships 'stealerships'.
It's actually a term I picked-up off this forum, and when I saw my local dealership's price for an oil change, I kinda liked the idea of that term!

I'm in no way having a go at the techs who no doubt work just as hard as any other mechanics out there, on very expensive and complicated vehicles; rather the snobbish attitude you often find at the sales & 'front-end' of these places.
I know it's not the techs who set the prices.
The parts guy at my local dealership was rather stand-offish and snobby when i first went there, now i've been back a few times it's a lot friendlier.

On the details of the past service for my particular car, the service i was after details for was only around 6 months ago, so that's why I was a bit suprised they couldn't give me more detail.

Anyway, thanks for your help and comments, I may actually try and contact the previous owner of the car to see if i can find out more about the history, that way i can plan my service intervals better.

In the meantime, I plan on applying for my 250Km badge!
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