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What are you guys doing up at this hour?

Thanks for your input stevebfl & greenacres.

Greenacres, you hit the nail on the head with the comment about a shop cd. I have the w124 cd for my 95E320, but I have been unable to locate a similar resource for the w140(?)-95S420. Lots of stuff to learn and digest as this high milage vehicle was obviously maintained but has standard wear items that the PO just didn't want to address near the trade-in date. Typcially dumb things like head rests not moving (done that on the E320 so presume is same), vibrations over 60mph (suspect tires...another couple hundred $), miscellaneous lightbulbs out on the dash, doors etc. (once I figure how to get the dash out and the door panels off, an easy fix).

Got the whole winter to experiment and hopefully not cause myself needless cost in breaking parts while attempting dissassembly.

Thanks again. If you know where I can get a copy of the shop cd for the w140, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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