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Hi folks. This is my first post here. What a GREAT forum!

I'd like some tips on performing a transmission service on an '85 (11/84) 300D-T. This is my mother's car, owned since new. I am a Toyota technician but I haven't ventured into working on the family's Mercedes-Benz cars all that much, aside from LOF and brake work.

1. Anything I need to look out for?

2. Can I drain the torque converter?

3. What type of fluid is recommended? Dexron I assume. Any specific brands I should use?

4. Any specific refill procedure needed?

5. How about adjustments? Are any adjustments needed when the filter and fluid are changed?

I have an OEM filter and gasket kit.

If there is anything else that comes to mind when performing this service, please let me know.

Thank you!

Jim Brink
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