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Thanks, Steve, Gilly and Jim. Ive been through all of the normal shooting stuff, fuses, key switch, voltage to fan, jump fan to blo works fine but still no control of air. One thing that stands out is the two little lights on the dash above the pbc on the center vents dont work (red&blue). When the system used to spring to life on occasion all controls and lights would function normal. When it went belly up only those two lights wouldnt work. Anyway, Im thinking temp sence or something along those lines, vacume pump doesnt seem to be over running, door autoclose works along with everything else in the car . Have you guys ever seen slight low freon act like this? Its supposed to be something like 11 bar or some such and is showing 9.5 to 9. Thats on the pbc self test, would that be signifcant enough to make a diff? Anyway Ill screw w/ it somore. Sending the pbc to that place you guys suggested may be in order, atleast I can eliminate that cause. Also when I replaced the fan reg about a year ago everything worked fine (simular symptoms) now when I just installed another new reg, nothing changes. I may have a fan thats drawing loads of current and burning regs, but I think it should have worked for atleast a few min. Fan runs fine when jumped, prob not a good thing to do to fan ????? any Ideas
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