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Welcome aboard and tell everyone you know that has a MB about this site.

I performed the transmission service on my '95 E320 this past summer. If yours is like mine (and I will make the assumption that it is) then yes, there is a drain plug in the torque converter. Climb underneath and rotate the engine until you see the drain plug. Remove it and let it drain. Remove the tranny pan, replace the filter (torque to spec) and put everything back together. Install new "crush rings" (gaskets) on the drain plugs and torque everything back to spec. Refill as follows - put four quarts of ATF in, crank and allow the engine to run for a few minutes while going from park to drive and back. Shut off the engine and add another quart. Continue to fill until you are at the appropriate level based in temperature. Take your time with the filling part and keep everything operating room clean. You do not want to overfill.

I am reciting this from memory so you may want to wait another couple of hours for a tech to verify this info.

I used Quaker State ATF that says on the bottle - for use in Daimler-Benz vehicles.

'95 E320
'97 Honda CRV
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