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Just a couple points to further answer all your questions. There are no specific adjustments to be made and the 85 model has a much more stable vacuum control system, but, a proper maintenance would include verifying proper shift timing and strength. There are a world of adjustments available to correct shift timing and shift harshness. If after a test drive you think further adjustment is needed go through the archives, there has been a lot writen on the subject.

As to tightening the pan, the rubber gaskets need an appropriate amount of compression to do their job. If you look at the pan it is designed to be tightened metal to metal with this appropriate squish. Through many retorques the stop feature at each bolt becomes deformed causing increased force on the gasket when the pan is properly torqued. This causes the gaskets to be split (major leak) or to be nonuniformly tightened (minor leak). Its hard to tell about this without some experience, this is mainly a warning (explanation) to help if you wind up with a leak.
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