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My wife's 91 300TE w/ 130k miles: the "check engine" light came on when she was on the freeway yesterday. I looked at it after she got home and when I drove it the light was still on. The car drives fine: same amount of power, etc. The owner's manual says to look at the O2 sensor and for Calif. cars maybe the FI system as well. It also mentioned the keypad by the battery to get the fault codes stored in the computer. This is a Calif car (if it is any different from the "federal cars") I should probably get the fault codes. How can I do that? I watch a mechanic did it once but I can't remember...

I will check the achives and see if the collective wisdom of the list can give me some answers.

1: Can we still drive the car? My mechanic is on vacation till next week.
2: Is it likely that I need a O2 sensor? Where to get one? Can I do it myself?

Happy new year! and TIA for any comments.


Paul Lee
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