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Hello everyone and happy new year.I'm new to this website.I bought a 1987 300E a year ago.It had 72,000 miles.I brought it to a mechanic, and he said it was well maintained.I've put at least a couple of thousand dollars into it--minor electrical problems,replacing all 4 tires (originally Pirellis that had very little tread--replaced them with Michelin MXV4 HR Enrg-Watt--these are 16"--the Pirellis were 15",replaced the original wheels with 8-hole reconditioned Mercedes 16" wheels--the kind that are on the later 124's).I was reading about the later 124's in Frank Barrett's "Illusratated Buyer's Guide/Mercedes Benz":specifically the 93-95's.He stated:"Displacement was nudged from 3.0 to 3.2 liters, and a new four valve head utilized variable intake cam timing.Power jumped from 177 horsepower to 217.Peak torque increased,and variable cam timing provided a flatter and fatter torque curve.The four speed automatic transmission, which had previously started in second gear,was altered to start in first gear,improving takeoff.The transmission is electronically klinked to the ignition system so that timing is momentarily adjusted to smoothen shifts.These changes make a '93-95 300E/E320 more enjoyable to drive."My car now has 82,000 miles.I was thinking about trading in to the '93-95 124's.Do you think it is worth it?Is the change that dramatic from the '87?I was thinking about either doing that or waiting until I could afford perhaps a '96 E320 which had even more changes.My car runs wonderful, but it does shift kind of rough, and it starts in 2nd gear, so it feels kind of sluggish.Any advice about this?
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