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Roller Blade Repairs Bosch Blower Motor !

Ladies and Gentleman ; I've read all of the so called transmission oil to lube an oil lite bearing. It's a crap shoot ! You all know about brushes so I won't waste your time. Oil lite bearings are the cheepest way to manufature a motor; They have a short life span. The way to go is ball bearing. The shaft size is 8mm the same size on a Roller Blade. While I was looking up the bearing manufacture my son comes running to me," is this it ?" Sure enough that was it! The bearing to worry about is the load side with the squrrell cage. Carefull pry the support bracket from the motor holding the load side . There are a couple indentations to secure it,you might have to take a dremmel tool to these. Than pull the assembly off. Now there is four pop rivits that have to be drilled out. That part comes off.That cup that held the bearing will be your retainer to support your new ball bearing race. If you used a small enough drill you'll be able to reassemble with 6/32 machine screws. Put bearing assembly back on motor and use channel locks all the way open to sqeeze the fittings in there right place. Lube bottom bearing. You won't beleave what your hearing.......NO CRUNCH BIRD ! tloip X USAF P.S. Oil Coolers Hoses work great with Hose Clamps as long as you don't put them on Volkswagens.
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