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Distributor Interchangeability (450 SEL)

I pulled a Bosch distibutor (0 231 402 002) from a 73 Merc 450 SEL at the junkyd. to use as a spare for my 74 450 SEL. I thought I could put in fresh points, clean the trigger points and then swap it right in. However, they are slightly different. The vacuum
canister on the jkyd unit is much smaller and has one nipple on its
outside. The unit in my 74 has a larger canister with one nipple
on the inside of the canister. Also the cap on the jkyd unit is held on by clips (like the ones on my old Mopars), the the one in my car is held on by 2 screws that you rotate to release the clamps. Looks like it will physically mount the same, but is there anything different between a 73 and 74,( such as one is advanced, one is retarded)?
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