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What to do ??

I'm disenheartened. Every 10 years or so I break down and buy at least one nice luxo-box to have for pure comfort and reliability. I always have at least three cars, been as high as seven and have 5 now. My last 13 year run of lux was 88 and 89 Mazda 929's (hey, I'm a fake luxo but....) Anyway, I had been thinking of an MB since I now have three of them but after reading some stories here and in other groups I'm finding the the MB ain't quite up to it anymore. What happened? I don't want to go the rice-burner route, Lex, Q45, etc but MB doesn't seem to have anything worth checking out that can be thought of as truly reliable. I am tempted to look around for an 86/87 SDL in primo condition but they are rare in that kind of shape. Rear Wheel drive is manditory because I plain like it. I want the star on the hood, but I also want that hood to stay down except for oil changes and "PLANNED" maintenance - BY ME not some $95 an hour white-coated "service advisor". Is there any hope for a good MB machine? Gas or Diesel doesn't matter much as the diesel is my regular back and forth car and will be for as long as I have to work. The new CDI coming out will cost a fortune and I am betting it will be a POS as far as reliability. This really kills me talking like this. I have a beautiful 58 220s, a couple of 300D's and I love the feel of them. I need/want a luxo-barge for occasional use and want an MB but am deeply afraid I'm going to end up with a Q-ship or a Lexobox. Can somebody talk me out of it or has MB gone the way of the Rolls, a sad commentary I guess. Sure wish I could find a nice 280Seb !
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