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Arrghhh!- no brakes!

i was reversing out of my driveway this morning, put my foot on the brake and my brake pedal sunk to the floor. I had to use the parking brake to stop the car. Popped the hood and the fluid level was down to 1/2 way. Brake fluid is leaking down the back of the driver's side wheel arch, from near the strut somewhere. Can't see an obvious leak from inside the engine compartment.

I just had a new caliper fitted on this side front brake, around 2 weeks ago. Brakes have been working fine up until now with no fluid loss. I noticed my reservior was filled above the 'max' mark after they did the brake job and i'd been hearing some groaning when using the brakes first thing in the morning.

Could it be related? Or just a hose finally breaking of old age?
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