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Actually I am in Florida.

I didn't mean to infer that you were cheap. I don't know the price of the plastic vacuum microswitches but in a retail situation I'm sure it isn't $5. My point was more directed to the feeling I often get when reading such declarations. I can't tell you how many times a customer has come to me with a problem and declared that we had just done $800 dollars worth of service to his car. Upon checking the facts I find an oil change service, a set of tires and a new stereo.

BTW the worlds two greatest lies to an auto technician start out: It never happened before I ... and Just do the minimum I'm going to sell...

But if you really want to turn us off start a conversation by telling us you would do it yourself it you had the time or could put up with getting dirty. I'm absolutely certain that I could have done brain surgery if I could have stood the blood!!!
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