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Originally posted by 68882
I had an 89 300TE for a number of years, looking at my records from 94-97 for 50,397 miles I got 17.81 usa miles per usa gallon (mostly city driving). 2002 I got about 19 mpg (mostly highway driving). However I always felt the number this engine produced was low as compared to epa number of 17-21, was very rare to see numbers over or near 20.
EPA 17/21 sounds like the mileage rating for the 4matic...16/22 is what I heard.
My 300TE 2wd does 26+ on the highway, cruising between 60-85 mph.
In city has been as poor as 14mpg (poor quality gasoline with cleaning agents) but usually closer to 17/18.
1990 300TE
210k miles
Engine: 103.983
Chassis: 124.090
17/27 mpg
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