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If you want your car to start in first gear, you can either shift it manually, or stomp hard on the gas, or do the following: While stopped, shift down into first for a moment and then back into drive before acccelerating. By putting the selector into first momentarily, the car will start in first even if it is in drive.

Regarding a trade up, the 94 has more horsepower, but also several hundred pounds more weight! Read the section on 300Es under the car tab above. The tester felt the later models lost some of their sporty handling due to the extra weight!

I have a great '87, and I wouldn't trade it for a 94 unless the 94 was in "as new" condition, had substantially fewer miles than the 72,000 on mine, had all records, and was Starmarked. Even then I would think long and hard about trading. If it works well, why replace it?

If your 87 is worth $8000, and a 94 is about $20,000, the money you would loose in the trade would have let you buy a great stereo, rims, and handling package, or a supercharger for your 87, depending on your priorities.

If none of the above are important, I would personally still think of it as saving $10000 I didn't need to spend on a car that was very similiar to what I already owned.

Trading up to a 400E or 500E would be a different proposition, and worth thinking about if you want something newer with more performance, but still want a w124 chassis.

just my opinion, of course. Have a good New Year.

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