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The problem with your concept of AMG and suspension improvements is that suspentions, tires, etc. are interdependent. Just changing one aspect (mostly for looks) winds up overall with a negative impact. If you know all the variables and accept the consequences, more power to you.

Occasionally I see some one foolish enough to do these projects completely. Unfortunately, comprehensively altered suspension systems cost more than are practical. If you want a different car it is almost always more practical to buy what you want than to cobble it together yourself.

I see lots of cars ruined by alterations you are talking. I'm sure each owner swears by the performance they acheive and I'm sure there are many well thought out "compromises". I don't want to be offensive but I would suggest that your opinion of "mass marketing" concerns apply even more to the High performance packages that the manufacturers are producing. How much do you think they care if it works if bulging wallets demand a race car.
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