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About a week ago, I installed a new stereo in my E320. Ever since then, my windows have not been able to roll down. Today, I took apart my doors again, and I am unable to find any cut wires. The lights under the buttons on the console are lighting up, so I know they are plugged in. After investigating, I thought to myself "Why not look for a blown fuse?" However, I looked through the fuses on the front dash and under the hood, and cannot find one that corresponds to my windows. I was going to check the ones under the rear seat, but the little brown card that tells what the numbers correspond to is missing. So, if you know it is a fuse under the back seat, would you be kind enough to tell me what number it is? If it isn't can you tell me why my windows are not cooperating? I have always taken these things as granted, but now that I don't have them, it's a PITA especially in a drive-thru!! Thanks people!!
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