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Well, there are no 500E's here in N.Y I have never seen a 500E on the roads over here. I have never seen one for sale, and I do lots of searching around. I would prefer to get a newer year care, than the latest 94 (a 500E) I like the newer interior of the w210 class and like the newer technology. However you do strike up a point about a 500E. I'll search around some more and possibly find one close by. I will definitely get one some time in the future even if I do end up with the E420 for now. I'm starting my little Benz collection already. Benzmac, what goes wrong with the E420's (97's) What goes wrong with the tranny's? Are their any warning signs that would indicate a problem. Gee I wish you were here in N.Y, I'd have you take a look at it. Thanks
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