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Fixed temp. 300E

Thanks again. An oil leak was the culprit here it goes: I have a small leak at the corner of the upper front cover, not much but it trickles down to the alternator area. Oil accumulated together with graphite powder from the brushes, causing one to brush to stop adjusting automally as it was wearing down, and judging by the collector ring discoloration may have been for a while. It opened and that caused the battery to run down. I guess the sequence of lights ABS - SRS - check engine - death (all sequentially within one minute or less)is a way of knowing of the engine's impending shutdown. Pulled the brush holder from the bottom (no need to remove the alt--great) Cleaned the contacts, disconnected the battery, car still runs which means it is charging, next I am going to replace the part (3 minute job -DIY). What to learn: upon startup look at your lights (I think I was not looking for a while since the brushes may have been opened for a day or two)for a half second, if they are not on the brushes are opened, if you just turn the key quickly, like I was doing, you will miss this problem since as Steve mentioned the indicator really does not do a proper job.
Thanks to Steve and Mr. Hidalgo.
Happy New Year!
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