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'87 300E

JCE, I appreciate your post.Could you tell me mor about this "supercharger"?Is it like the Mosselmann turbo that Clinton posted in the Performance section?How much more horsepower could I get. Also, when you said I could shift manually--I have an automatic (so I guess I couldn't shift it manually?)Would stomping on the gas all the time to shift it into first harm the car?Also, I heard that the transmission can be adjusted to start in first.However, the '87 has a 3.07:1 rear axle ratio, while the '93-95 has 2.65:1 rear axle ratio.What is this rear axle ratio anyway, and why was it changed in the later 124's--I read that the earlier 3ooE's had higher rear axle ratios to make up for the lack of lower end torque.Would you advise adjusting my transmission in my '87? BTW , my car is smoke silver with palamino interior--I'm not sure if it is MB TEX--the seats are in super shape--how do I determine if the seats are leather or MB Tex?
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