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Xenon Lights vs. Halogen

Hi again,

Theres an ad on the "" website where a guy is advertising true xenon lights for Mercedes for 599 - its the Phillips OEM HID for Lexus, MB, BMW, and Audi; so supposeduly what the factory offers. I've visisited the website, and it says the kit includes everything needed for installation. Anyhow, would anyone know of a cheaper way to get xenon lights or could really tell me if xenon lights are actually that much better than halogen lights. I'm running blue-tinted superwhite bulb in my headlights now which is better than the stock bulb. When my headlights light up at night they resemble the W210 E-Class Halogen Headlights (Anyone ever noticed how those headlights are a realy bright white?). I just wanted to know if xenon are really that much better. I would appreciate any comparisons.

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