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Originally posted by blackmercedes

The increase in unsprung weight was not too bad, considering I went from a 15" steel wheel to a 17" alloy wheel. The tire weighs more, but the difference in driving is in the compound.

The Michelin MXV4 that was OE on the car is NOT a performance tire. It is designed to provide long life, a quiet smooth ride, and reasonable traction for someone driving the car far below it's capability.

Tires like Michelin Pilot Sport, Bridgestone Pole Position, Dunlop SP9000, etc (Max Performance category) have much more traction available. Traction for accelerating, braking, and cornering.

John Shellenberg
Your car has Michelin as the OE??? My car has the Goodyear Eagle LS.....I want to buy a set of performance tires..(high or ultra-high, no need for max performance) with each tire costs around less than CDN300...which ones do you think is good? with less roadnoise, good traction, long life...etc
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