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We recently bought a used 98 SLK-230. As I was going through the features and setting things up, I gave a try at programming the integrated garage opener near the rear view mirror.

(The opener I'm using is a 98 Genie Intellicode.)

After following the instructions (clear the memory, hold any one of the 3 buttons down until the amber light flashes in 1 sec. intervals; hold said button down while holding/pointing the opener remote against the integrated unit; press remote button until the 1 sec. flashing becomes rapid flashing; voila, programmed) I found that every thing occured as mentioned in the manual except that the integrated unit doesn't open the door.

Two questions out of this: Has this been seen before; Is the "remote unit" depicted in the manual assumed to be the homeowners one or a remote supplied by Mercedes?

In progress over this with dealer.

Thanks in advance if you have anything to add
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