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History is His-Story...

AW, CRAP! I promised myself (and all of you), that I wouldn't get into these KIND of skirmishes here on a forum dedicated to Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair, so really, please forgive me, but I have no willpower or discipline...I am weak!

Hey, besides, wadda ya want? This ain't a WWF forum heah! As the owner of a Mercedes-Benz, we are all held to a higher intellectual yardstick. So here goes.


In order for those things to count, we need a timeline, a record of the events in order to create a "history" of mankind. The "History of Mankind" is a "written" record, after all. We are sure that those two events occured, we just don't know exactly when. And were they really "inventions"? Fire exists as a natural phenomenon, and the wheel, is simply a crude variation on natural formations like, uh, logs...

Besides, how do those two singular events compare to the accomplishments of mankind during:
The Bronze Age, The Iron Age, The Age of The Etruscans, Egyptian Pharaohs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Greeks, Babylonians, The Lost Continent of Atlantis, The Roman Empire, The Chinese Dynasties, The Renaissance, The Romanov Czars, The (Age of) Enlightenment, The Age of Discovery, The Commercial Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, And Finally, The 20th Century?

Every century that mankind has existed, we have developed greater accomplishments, and along with them, greater responsibilities and consequences for our actions. Stone Age Man simply did not have the ability to destroy the planet he lived on. During the 20th century we did, and still do. Many of us have lived through "The Cold War". I don't know about you, but I'm damned pleased and extremely proud that we have actually managed to keep from destroying the entire planet, and all life on it (so far).

And instead, we developed computers and the internet that allows us to communicate and exchange ideas across the globe, with considerably less effort, virtually instantaneously, and hopefully on a higher level than anyone ever has.

Besides, Mo, the 20th century brought us the Three Stooges, You Knucklehead, nyuk. nyuk. nyuk...
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