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Re-Built or New

Ron, I have a '87 300E and at about 150,000 miles I started to have low battery charge problems. The CHECK ENGINE light comes on with low voltage. The Regulator/Brush assembly was replaced. In the middle of a short trip the front bearing failed on the alternator the bearing had 150,000 miles too. A re-built from Pep-Boys was installed. After the trip the belt slipped. They broke the tensioner. Pep-Boys paid for the repairs. Another 3 months their alternator failed. Lifetime warrantee, pay the labor $57.00. Another 4 months, failed again, paid the labor. Another 2 months paid the labor, but arranged for a M/B rebuilt alternator, bought the M/B alternator but Pep-Boys would not refund my money only replace with their alternator, paid the labor. Now I have spent the cost of the off brand alternator and of the M/B alternator plus 3 labor charges. At last I had a M/B rebuit alternator. 6 weeks and the M/B alternator failed. M/B said it was a bad Battery all the time. I had a New Interstate M/B battery when this all started. It was replaced under warrantee but to an even higher capacity for a Benz. My Dealer contacted M/B and explained my troubles and M/B gave me a new alternator No charge. Troubles Fixed. You add up the costs, it makes me sick. At the beginning the Benz Dealer close to me the alternator was out of stock. Had I waited one more day? Do it again, NEW garranteed 12 months parts and labor world wide. Happy Trails Beep Beep from smarter now Houston.

Newer than New
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