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I took my car into MBS where Benzmac works last week and he personally took care of it. Boy does it go like a dream now, my car is actually much better than the times I have taken it to Atlanta Classic Cars (an Authorized Benz dealer) and this is no joke. There is a world of a difference when your car is serviced by someone or a company that loves the cars, as opposed to those who are just in it for the money. Or is it that those in it for the money think that Benz drivers don’t have a clue and just make charges without doing the job properly.
One of the problems I had was my car floating all over the place since Atlanta Classic did a lower control arm and some suspension work on it. Benzmac took care of that – the car now holds the road properly.
I doff my hat to Benzmac.

But on another note I need help. My car goes so well now I got pulled over yesterday Jan 1 for doing 88 in a 65 zone by a patrol car. I didn’t even realize I was going this fast (just 3 days after Benzmac put his hands on it). I’ve got a court date for Feb 16, I don’t mind paying a fine but I don’t want any points. Can anybody give me any pointers on working this issue, it happened in Gwinnett county – Georgia.?

’97 E420
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