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My opinion is your ball joint needs to be replaced. What happens is that from what I understand the balljoint is a sealed item, but over time water gets to the actual joint and causes rust to build up, which will cause your creak when you hit a speed bump or anytime the wheel is rolling and turning. A quick temporary fix ( temporary for a week or two) is to poke a hole in the rubber part and flood the joint with wd-40. In doing this, you will see the rust flow out of the joint. This will only help with the noise until you can get it fixed. I had that problem on my 89 300se and had the driver's ball joint replaced a few months ago and now the other one is starting to make noise. You may have to jack that wheel up off the ground to get the wd-40 in there good. My opinion is not 100% for sure, but it sounds like the noise that I have had in the past and now have.
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