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In half a day I already got more replies as I had in two weeks with!!
Just to give some more detailed information & answers I will add the following message.

I have been on the & websites but did not find what I was looking for. I know that I do not have to modify the car if I'm going to export it within a year again, but I thought it would be worth the effort selling it in the states since this model is valued better in US dollars as in dutch guilders (according to the prices on the internet).
I know that Registered Importers ask 6 to 10k for modifying and importing a vehicle from Europe, but since I will do most of the modifying myself it should be a lot less expensive to have a RI do the actual importing.
Furthermore I already had the pleasure to find out that exporting a vehicle to the states is NOT easy, but...

The car, a 1993 W124 300CE-24, has got a catalic converter and will probably be taken to North or South Carolina.
As far as my knowledge takes me, I presume that the EURO bumpers are the same as the US ones.
Putting in some (original MB) side markers & buzzers including (original MB wiring) is definitely NO problem. Buying myself a new decklid with integrated brake light is easy as well.
The car is, according to the EURO standards fully-loaded, so it should be possible selling it after I have owned it for 1 year as a non-resident. I do not mind that the price I could get for it is below the normal price of similar vehicles, since it will always be more as I can get in the Netherlands!

I have asked some questions, by mail, about this item with a Registered Importer, but since I want to do the modifying myself, no RI answers my questions.

thanks for answering my mail so far,
Steve Krabbenborg
living close to the German border nearby Arnhem, The Netherlands

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