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I assume that at some point you plan to involve a RI. I am not sure you will get past customs without their help. I think your car is very near US specs already. It should easily pass EPA and you are on the right track with the lighting changes. Your bumpers are fine for the DOT. My research indicates that you will be forced to use a RI, the amount you may save by doing some modifications will likely NOT be considered by the RI. What I am trying to say is that trying to avoid paying the RI the full amount may not work. You may also want to consider the time factor. I have followed importation of the Gwagen for a while now and know that it takes six months to get a car through EPA/DOT. Your costs may be low as well. While the G was never officially imported like your car, it has been well established among a couple RI's. The cost to get a G320 through is about $20,000 US dollars. Add another $10k if you want to go '96 or newer due to stricter US regulations. My advice is to bite the bullet and use a RI. Best of Luck, Brent
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