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Door Lock Actuator Question

I recently had a shop install a Viper keyless entry on my car. The system worked perfectly well for a total of 2 days and then my door lock actuator failed. This unit cost me over $400!

My question is, is the stereo shop liable for this unit to fail, or did the actuator unit fail due to wear and tear? I guess another way to put it is, can the door lock actuator fail because of bad wiring? Can the wiring job be bad even if everything worked great for a couple of days?

The shop claims that they have done numerous Mercedes cars in the past including older models with no problems.

The new features that the Viper system added was the auto locking of doors whenever the ignition was turned on or off. It also flashes the parking lights when arming and disarming the alarm. It also has a kill start feature that will prevent the car from starting if the alarm system is armed.

Opinions please, I am debating whether to have the shop re-connect the keyless entry system after having the actuator replaced.

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