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My #5 fuse looked ok, but I put in a new one anyway and no change. I noticed a spark when I disconnected and connected the battery today. So, I loosened my belt and turned the alt with the battery hooked up. Felt like there was a catch in the alternator. Also, the pulley was warm, and I had not started the car. I disconnected the battery and turned it again, no restriction at all. So I removed the alternator, hooked up the wires and battery, and grounded the alternator body on the exhaust manifold. It sparked. I held it tight against the manifold, and turned the alt again, felt the same resistance again, pulley got warmer, and I noticed the bearing end of the alt getting warm also. I took the alternator into the local repair all garage here, and their tester said it put out 10 amps through the regulator, and 18 amps without. He said it should put out ~70 amps. Also, he said it was whining bad, like when the triodes go out.

So after all the above descriptions, can the alternator cause all my problems, or am I going to have to replace the alternator and see what happens? Thanks everyone for your help and patience.
Ron Miller

1986 300E
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