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Meant to ruffle your hair, not your feathers.

Mo, Bubula, The Three Stooges reference was only my Curly impression (soitenly!), and was intended to leave the posting on a upbeat comical note. I didn't mean that you actually were a Knucklehead, you might be a Panhead, or an Evolution (Harley Davidson Reference).

As far as "emoticons" or "smilies" are concerned, they are a fun toy to play with, can be overused, and may or may not be appropriate, but you can use them too. Just click on the "smilies" link at the top of the page on these forums when posting, or replying to a post. #8^p>

And, yes, we all know that there were countless periods in our collective history where there were staggering accomplishments.

In terms of architecture and building alone there were: The Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids, The Great Wall, Hadrian's Wall, Stonehenge, and countless other feats. But I am fairly sure that their designers and builders would be in awe of the tools we have developed and the things we have constructed. The Golden Gate Bridge, The Hoover, High Aswan, and Grand Coulee Dams, The Chunnel, Norad Headquarters inside of Cheyenne Mountain, The Panama and Suez Canals, and The Alaska Pipeline come to mind...

In terms of law, government and civilization the ancients would be amazed by such things as Nato, Norad, Global Diplomacy and the United Nations.

DaVinci, Michelangelo, Newton, Copernicus. The list of the visionaries and inventors of the past could be staggering. But I doubt that one of them would fail to be amazed and astounded by what they would see in the world of today.

"maybe the 20th just seems so much better from those others from the perspective of those that lived in it?"

Perhaps, but I doubt that the Jews who built The Pyramids as slaves of the Egyptians, the Africans who were sold into slavery by rival tribesmen, the victims of The Spanish Inquisition, the women who were tortured and killed during The Salem Witch Trials, the victims of The Black Plague, or even the Feudal Serfs would agree with your point.

You see, the sages and philosophers, visionaries and geniuses of the past definitely gave us the building blocks for the world we live in. But every century that mankind has existed, we have learned from the mistakes of the past and built upon the successes. That is my whole point. The 20th century logically has to be the greatest century of all time. To say anything else is to say that we didn't learn from the tragedy, horror and mistakes of the past, and that we haven't learned to refine the triumphs, discoveries and staggering accomplishments of those who came before us.

A truce, you say?

This thread started out as a heartfelt emotional and personal homage to the 20th century from someone who lived through the latter half of it. From someone who clearly sees the benefits as well as the drawbacks of where we have placed ourselves as a result of OUR contributions (good and bad) to the history of mankind during the time we have been here.

You were the only person who didn't "get it" or decided to "take issue" with it. And, just as the Catholic Priest who founded Boys Town felt that there was no such thing as a bad boy, I decided to try to make my point clear to you simply for purposes of cooperative understanding.

You drew "first blood" brother, but for the sanity of the membership, And as a gesture of civilized behavior, as Chief Joseph of the Nez PercÚs said so eloquently, "...From where the sun now stands I will fight no more...".

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