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I would like to personally thank the people at and all those who post replies to questions. I have just spent my day 7:00am to 6:00pm working on my Mercedes. I fought freezing temperatures in the garage and driveway but thanks to this site I have fixed or found the solution to all of my problems. My 300E was leaking fuel, I found the source of the leak . I logged onto the site and searched for similar problems to find the name of this part. Sure enough I found the answer, the EHA. I quickly called Performance Products to order the part. I then went to work on the 240D to find the vacuum leak. Since the 300E was in the garage on jack stands and unmovable I had to work in the cold on the 240D. I decided I would check each and every hose and connection in the car. I made a dead plug and got started. Removed the front and rear seats and the middle console and began working. I finally found the problem, it was the gas flap diaphragm after much pain and labor. This is a very time intensive and painstaking task. I bypassed the diaphragm until the part comes. I then put the car back together. I would have been able to finish quicker but had to go inside every once and a while to warm myself. Without Mercedes Shop this would have been an almost impossible task. Now my door locks work as normal and the transmission sifts much better. My car is returned to its intended state of excellence. I would just once again like to think every at I had a great day educating myself about these fine automobiles.
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