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Well, I got nailed for 90 in a 65 back in November. Had to go to court in Toledo. Seems as though good 'ol Toledo has one judge who makes it a mandatory court appearance for a speeding violation of 90 or above. Well, off to court my attorney and I went. Spoke to the prosecutor, got the speed charge knocked down to 74 in a 65 and the points knocked off (so my record still stands at zero points) but we were warned by the prosecutor that the judge never lets anyone out of his courtroom without a license suspension. So in to stand before the judge we go. In and out in 10 minutes. Ammended speed of 74mph, $150 fine and a 60 day license suspension (with driving priveliges to work). So on February 17th I have to go to the BMV, (they do indeed actually take your plastic license card and shred it!) and re-apply for my license. When they pull my file, they'll see no points and one suspension for a 74 in a 65! That's crazy! A friend of mine got tagged just one weekend later going 90 in a 65, on the Ohio Turnpike as well, but he got nailed out in Youngstown. He called down there to see if they suspend licenses and the clerk said she'd never heard of anything so crazy as suspending a license for a speeding violation. So we discover that Maumee county is the only county in Ohio with this stupid rule. Anyhow, just call the court and arrange for a pre-trial meet with the prosecutor and talk with him and see if you can work out a deal so you don't have to stand in front of a judge. The prosecutor was very nice to us, but he said the judge wouldn't hear of letting anyone out without a suspension. Oh, and listen to this..The prosecutor told us that state required jail time for a DWI is 3 days, this guy gives 17 days in jail! Well, ok, for drunken driving, I might very well agree with that, but it's just to point out how hard nosed this guy is. We also heard that this judge gave a Chicago Bulls player who was passing through and got nailed a 6 month suspension with no priveliges! He told him he was rich enough to afford a chauffeur! Ok, enough ranting. Just hope you get a good judge (preferably an Irishmen!) they're the best ones!
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