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I had a chance today to take a closer look at my oil leak. I am 99% sure it is not the headgasket. With a mirror and penlight I was able to see just about all of the intake side and the back. No leaks there. The rear main was the next possibility. There are two access holes, one a plate on the front of the bell housing, and the other a round plastic plug on the back side. I took both of them off, the bell housing was dry. Am I correct in assuming that this should have been wet with oil if the rear main is leaking? It looks as though the oil is coming from above the starter in the area of the oil filter housing. I will pull the starter out friday for a closer look. Is that filter housing bolted to the block? Has anyone seen a leak like this that wasn't the head or rear seal? It is definately worse when the car is cold too, it leaves a trail in the snow. I let it sit overnight and checked the oil in the morning. It had only gone down a half quart after my 2000 mile trip home. I hate oil leaks, help me! Brent
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