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No they specifically said they needed to drop the pan to change the oil pump filter. trans pan and filter have been changed already. The oil pan thing is something they topped on it when he went to pick up the car.

They said by the way. we need to dropt he oil pan you car wont be ready for a couple more days.

He does have a loaner car, a c230 kompressor. quick little car. My dad says, "It goes like a bat out of hell!"

His compression and everything was perfect, no problems at all. only problem I saw was twitchy steering, so he took it in for that, and while there , decided on the 60k service.

but every time he calls to pick up the car they tell him something else needs to be done. its getting to be a hassle.

They wanted him to pay $700.00 for a new radio antenna, which I can get for around $50.00

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