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Changin' it often...

Personally, I plan on installin' two 50 gal. drums. One full of oil hooked up to the pick up tube, and the other with a 12V suction pump in the lowest part of the pan that goes to the other 50 Gal drum that is empty. Oh, and the full drum will have a level sensor from a fuel tamk to tell me when it's getting low. I should get close to 1 billion miles from my car, don't you think?

Seriously though, I remember being told at some point in high school (we're talkin' the late '50's) that changing your oil too often wasn't good for the engine. But then, I was also told that you didn't need to change your oil filter every time you changed the oil, because the filter's capacity for trapping contaminents exceeded the amount of media created during a regular oil change interval. So the recommendation was: oil change, three months, or every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Oil filter, every six months, or at every other oil change...

Incidentally, in a recent conversation with a technician at RedLine, I was told that their recommended oil change interval for their synthetic oil, when used in a Mercedes diesel, was 10,000 to 18,000 miles! (Somebody get a respirator for Larry Bible, please!)

And, the local MB dealer where I live told me that the oil change interval on the newer Mercedes models "have been vastly extended due to cleaner burning engines with fewer emissions and a greatly reduced amount of contaminents being introduced into the engine's lubrication environment."

Finally, a local "pleasure boat dealer" that was a recent client of mine for a while uses an 12V electrically powered oil extraction device similar to the TopSider for all oil changes on ALL OF the boats ($30K to $125K) they service.

They simply warm up the boat's engine for 5 minutes, stick the pump tube down the dipstick tube, and suck all the oil out. But, they also change the oil on the basis of engine hours, not miles.

But, before the TopSider guys out there get envious, the pump-oil-into-a-5 Gallon Bucket rigs that they use cost $165.00.

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