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I recently purchased a 1981 300SD with 228,000 miles. When I purchased it (roughly 2000 miles ago), the engine had no problems, except for a leaky turbocharger oil hose. I replaced the turbocharger hose the day I bought the car and have not experienced any leaks since. However, my car has started to have a problem with blowby.

I took the car up in the mountains last night, and it climbed about 10 miles of a 6% grade at 70mph without needing to downshift, so I know the compression is still good. After returning from the mountains I checked the oil, and appears to be at the same level that it was at when I had the oil changed (about 600 miles ago). I also had the air filter changed at that time. Today I checked my air filter to see if it had accumlated any oil, and there were roughly two tablespoons of oil in the air cleaner housing.

My concern is how fast the blowby will worsen. Am I looking at replacing the engine in the near future, or is this something that I can drive with for a long time. Additionally, how should I drive the car to prevent the blowby from worsening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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1981 300SD - Sold at 232K
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