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94 S420 M119 random engine miss (SteveB, MB Doc, ...)

Looked at a 94 S420 the other day. Just crossed over 100K miles and a color combo I prefer to my 95. Drove okay except when the engine was over 80C after sitting at a light, there was hesitation moving off. Happened a couple more times from a stop or restarting from a crawl. Giving it more gas overcame the hesitation and it seemed to run fine. No CEL, no codes using the button test. No access to a scanner at this point.

I've driven V8s with 1 or 2 missing cylinders and my guess is that a whole bank is down when this S420 is limping. It can barely get going. Any thoughts on what this could be? Bad coil connection? Something really expensive? I'd rather not spend on a PPI if this is a definite symptom of big problem. I took it on a long ride and it only happened a those 2 or 3 times. If it doesn't happen during a PPI, the tech might not pick up on the problem from my description.

95 S420
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