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I've enjoyed your posts. I'm sorry but I respectfully am not buying into what you're saying. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding of terminology or something.

If there is blowby, there is wear. Your explanation of blowby is correct and right on the money, but worn valves or guides really have nothing to do with blowby. They CAN be the cause of excessive oil consumption, and on these engines they most commonly are the cause. But, blowby is as you say, compression getting past the rings and into the crankcase. In Ben300SD's case, the oil in the air cleaner is most likely from blowby which would be rings not sealing absolutely perfectly.

Where I am respectfully disagreeing is that if there is wear in the engine, and who wouldn't expect at least a little wear at over 200K miles, the DAMAGE(or more correctly normal wear of the engine) is already done. The engine may not be in new condition any longer, but as long as you keep oil in the engine, the blowby itself will not cause further problems throughout the engines natural, albeit twilight, life.

If this were a gas engine, you may be fouling spark plugs which would REQUIRE correction. But with a diesel, you can keep oil in it and keep driving it with really no down side.

The good news for Ben300SD is that he indicated that it had used NO oil for 600 miles. He pushed it up the hill having a little fun and it puked a little oil in the air cleaner. Relatively speaking and considering the mileage on this engine, it appears to me that if it is properly maintained it has MANY miles left in it.

Thanks Mike,
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