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I certainly understand the sentimental value that is attached to this car. If it were mine I wouldn't let go of it unless my family was starving.

7,000 miles is not an uncommon factory recommendation. I think that you have to take into account that most people drive a car a few years and trade it off. For the average driver 7,000 mile intervals will most likely keep the engine healthy until the original owner gets tired of driving it, or the next shiny new car catches their attention. For us folks who want to drive them forever, 3,000 miles or six months is a good rule of thumb. As to who benefits, you do by having ensured engine life. Oil and filters are cheap, engines and cars are expensive. My $0.02.

What carburetor does it have, I guess I missed it somewhere. Does it have a couple of Zeniths?

Take care of this car and keep it exercised.

Have a great day,

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