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Yes but what is the definition of normal driving?

For me normal is hitting the gas hard when I feel like a burst, and driving mellow at other times.

I would assume their definition of normal would be someone driving around not pushing the car at all in any way.

Now as for their recommended oil change interval, I just don't buy it. After 3000 miles my oil is usually ready for a changing based on its color. when it gets darker than I like it, I change it.

Oil has been discussed so many times here and everywhere else, its hard to piece together all of the info. or remember everything you have read.

If I remember correctly from another post, Larry bible had been to the dealer and got to see the inside of an engine that had the factory specified oil changes at the FSS Intervals, and the car had quite a bit of sludge.

For the $25 to change the oil, that includes filter, I find it a very cheap way to keep the car running longer. I'd rather change it sooner than change it later and have it be dirtier and have to shell out major cash for an early rebuild.

As Larry bible says, oil is the only way to clean your internals of your engine.

I think that I will change the oil when I want to, which is at 3000 Miles. In fact I'm due for that 3k oil change in 1000 miles.

I personally don't see how new oil more often is a bad thing, and I don't always go by what people tell me or what the manual says. If the manual said you would never have to change the oil ever, would you never change it? I know I wouldn't follow that part of the manual if it said that.

Do whatever you feel comfortable doing. if you feel comfortable changing it every 7k, then by all means do it. Just don't expect me to change my oil change intervals for any reason. No matter how I drive, spirited or normal, I will always change at 3k.

Thats my 2 cents.

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