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I don't normally promote specific products, but I felt compelled to mention one I recently started using, Red Line's Fuel System Cleaner.

Their snake oil message on the side label has all the standard gobble-dee gook about cleaning injector's improving fuel economy and increasing horse power, etc, etc, etc. The bottle is also enough to treat 100 gallons of gas (with 10 gallon increments on the label). I saw that the local Pep Boy's had started carrying some Red Line products a while back, and bought a bottle of the cleaner. I figured I've tried all the others without results, one more can't hurt.

According to the directions, an entire bottle should be used for a quick clean of injects and valves, then at appropriate level for regular usage. I felt the whole bottle was too much, given it's concentration, so I used 1/2 bottle for the first tank, and half on the second. Then I began following the recommended dosage of treatment per 10 gallons.

During the first tank, I immediately noticed the engine seemed to have more pick-up, somewhat peppier and at fill up the mileage came in at my average of 12.5 MPG for in town driving. The second tank found the engine to still be peppy with virtually no visible emissions (black smoke) under full throttle acceleration and smoother idle. The big surprise was mileage on the second tank rose to 13.8 MPG in town.

The biggest surprise came from the results of highway miles. Up to now the best I had ever seen had been 15.04 MPG, but my last tank, all highway turned out 15.8 MPG. This was at a sustained 80 MPH, except for an approximate 25 miles bumper to bumper jam and a ten mile stop light to stop light run in the city. Had it not been for the traffic jam, I might have broke 16 MPG.

While my mileage increases may be pretty minor to some, I find them to be a drastic improvement. Enough so that I felt I had to share my experience. Is anyone else using this product, and have you had similar results?
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