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I think you have the same or similar engine as my '92 400E...
I have 86K miles on the car and I have struggled with a few leaks. Here is what I have noticed:

1 - Driver's side front of engine - Power Steering leak - It was significant and very very common on the 119 engine. I had my power steering pump rebuilt and it leaks no more ! Wasn't cheap...about 600 but I figured if my mechanic was gonna pull the pump for a seal or two, go ahead and replace/repair all the potential leak areas

2 - Small leak toward the front lower engine - doesn't look like a head seal but can't really tell. I just notice a small amount of dark thick oil lingering aroung the front of my oil pan. My mechanic said don't bother.

3 - Rear leak at bell housing...look slike a rear crank seal...again, minor and mechanic said no worries unless it gets extreme. I had a significant tranny leak problem in my '87 300e and when that pulled it to re-seal I had them go ahead and fix the crank seal while the tranny was pulled.

4 - Passenger side valve cover gasket - previous owner had a hack of a mechanic that tried to fix a minor valve cover leak....didn't follow MB procedures and I had oil blowing all over the place...Gotthat fixed without issue by high quality MB mechanic..

If the leaks are not costing you oil volume between oil service and no puddles of oil oooz onto your garage floor, it's not a problem. Just keep an eye on them.
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