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I'll try again.

The recommendations in the owners manual gets the job done for MOST MB drivers situations. It's a bell curve. Most people in the middle of the bell are very happy with 100,000 miles or maybe 200,000 miles from their car before they do something else.

Additionally I'm sure that under most circumstances you can get relatively high mileage with these intervals. But if you want VERY high mileage, you'll have to get a little more serious about oil changing than the recommended intervals.

One observation that I'll offer is that of the timing chain. A car with recommended intervals will show timing chain wear. The recommended interval leaves enough particulate in the oil to show timing chain stretch. If the obsessive/compulsive intervals, as you call them, are followed, however, the timing chain will last as long as anything else in the engine.

Again, it's all about whether or not you want high mileage, or EXTREMELY high mileage.

Have a great weekend,
Change oil hot and change oil often,

PS: MB does not SELL high mileage badges, they give them to you free by simply submitting an application. LB
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