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One reason those carbs are so hard to deal with is that they didn't work well new. During those years every car maker was having problems keeping emissions down with the crude carburators of the day. If you want to see the logical fix or extension of carbs into this era one only needs look at a late eighties Honda carb, systems on top of systems, the original rube goldberg process.

In the carb in question I surely wouldn't recommend the Jag carb. I'm sure more of us old guy's lost more hair to that one than the MB carb. The thermal compensator was something I never quite got.

I have made the MB carb work though and it has one tremendous benefit to the Jag carb. It has a basic mixture adjustment (the main jet is adjustable). In the MB carbs case its demise is the activity of its choke mechanism.

The choke is not like a choke (it chokes nothing). It is a piston that moves under bimetallic pressure to expose two or three increasingly large fuel jets to the main mixture jet increasing mixture while a fast idle cam holds the throttle. This piston seizes in the potmetal bore and can be cleaned up continuously untill there is no point. The housing is still available and usually fixes the carb but it probably cost near $500 now.
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