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Ah yeah, I see how it is now - ganging up on the new guy!

Here is an interesting thought - ever notice how the most heated and divisive discussions are about things which are not firmly substantiated by facts? Religion, politics, OC intervals, etc.

For instance, I bet if I said "The sun will absolutely NOT rise tomorrow!" you would think I was nuts because it is all but proven that it WILL.

Rhetoric and folklore fill the vaccum established by the lack of facts. Divisive discussions are about unproven topics.

Or, sometimes, they are the result of someone trying to defend The Good against The Evil (in this case excessive OC intervals), right, Larry?

heheheh just kidding

I am out of this one, see you guys on the list.

93 400e


Are you on a roll, or what?!?!

Another great reply.

Have a nice weekend,"

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