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Picked up my 95 S Class from dealer this morning. Original problem was trans was sporadically slipping when shifting. Car only has 38,000 miles on it. Took car to dealer on Dec 18. Diagnosis on Dec 22 - need to replace trans and torque converter. MBUSA agres to split cost, my end comes out to $2800. Jan 6 car is finally ready for pick up. Driving home on expressway, merging into traffic, trans downshifts as I accelerate from approx 40 mph, engine RPMs go from 2500 to 6000, traction control engages, transmission slips then engages. Exit expressway, moderately hard acceleration from dead stop, trans slips when shifting. Very disappointed in MB service. Called dealer, service is closed until Monday.

I beleive that I have the same problem, but worse than before. Anyone have any ideas what the cause may be? Im not sure if the trans is the problem.
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