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It is back on the road

Finished up late this afternoon and took it for a warm up/test drive. Topped off the tranny fluid and it looks like it is good to go for awhile. I would only recommend a job of this magnitude for a hard core diy'er. Took approximately 18 hours total (spread over three days) and I had to purchase a couple hundred $ worth of tools (I am a sucker for purchasing tools). The seal was the cheap part -from obviously. If anyone ever needs to borrow a rear main seal press tool or the wrench to loosen the propeller shaft clamp nut for the E320 car just let me know.
Deezel - I do not want to be the RMOS king . Too much work. I would rather be the AF (air filter) king.

Thanks for the encouragement and help everyone. Now I feel like there is nothing that I can't do to this fine automobile.

'95 E320
'97 Honda CRV
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